Hear what we're proud of

"Our delightful dinner started with tempura oysters, progressed through super fresh sushi,continued with tempura seafood and vegetables and a lovely chicken dish.Topped up with sparkling sake. The whole night was a pleasure! The restaurant has a great decor and was packed. Service was great and the prices very reasonable"

"This is one of the best Sushi Bars in town. Amazing culinary experience meets high end presentation of your favourite food selections. I've turned into an addict, as all of their food is just simply beautiful. My favourite dishes are Wagyu Beef Sizzling Tobanyaki, Assorted Seafood & Vegetable Tempura, Karaage Chicken on Harusame Noodle Nest and many more."

"This was our first sushi/sashimi experience - a couple of our friends ordered a variety of dishes for the table to share and we loved every one. Particular shout outs to the tuna sashimi, the tempura prawns and the chicken teriyaki. One member of the group can't eat cucumber, and this was left out of each sushi roll as requested. Great meal!"

"Gorgeous little Japanese restaurant that serves really good food at a reasonable price. The service was friendly and great. I eat gluten free and the staff were knowledgeable and accommodating. We had sashimi, tataki, edamame and omelette rolls and everything was fresh and tasty. Recommend"

"They have an excellent selection of wines and starters (entres). I never had a bad experience at all in over 6 years. I can highly recommend to sit at the SUSHI BAR (as s couple) as this is a very entertaining spot, seeing how all the delicious dishes are prepared. Believe me, you will love it"

"it was recommended to me by a Japanese friend as one of the best if not the best restaurant in Sydney. I haven't tried any better since I've first been to Busshari. I will head there soon again for my 4th time and I am really looking forward to it. The service is excellent, the staff very friendly and the food is outrageously good! Best sushis, sashimis, rolls, miso soup, edamame, beef barbecue (order the wagyu 7+ as soon as you get in as they sometimes run out)."

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